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Our Caregivers

Is why our Caregivers are the “Cream of the Crop”


115921254NNHC inspires our caregivers to not only do whats right the right way all the time we inspire them to follow their hearts and career goals. By being committed to our clients, our caregivers are totally committed to providing, highly quality care, excellent client / family customer service.

NNHC caregivers are qualified and carefully selected individuals and clinicians who are thoroughly screened, confirming their licenses, certifications, experiences, references and criminal background checks.  Most importantly our caregivers are dependable, professional and extraordinarily caring of others.

We build our team of caregivers by implementing and enforcing our vigorous application and hiring process. You do not want just anyone caring for your children, spouse, parents, grandparents, sibling or any loved one. We do not want just anyone mis-representing NNHC. We hold our standards high and our value system is solid.



Our in-depth caregiver selection process includes:

  • Application
  • Interview
  • Background check which includes:
  • Criminal
  • Education
  • Drug testing
  • Skills validation
  • Credentials Verification

Only after completing this process and meeting our high standards, is a candidate part of our team.

In addition to their previous experience, our caregivers receive continuous training that includes a specialized curriculum exclusive to Nurturing Nurses HomeCare.

Once you have accepted our offer to become part of our team, you will go through orientation and training.


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Q. You think you have what it takes to become one of our Clinical Gladiators?
A. Yes. O.Q.P(Only Quality People) apply now?