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Code of Ethics

478844329Code We Live By

Nurturing Nurses HomeCare also known as (NNHC) best interest, is to protect NNHC reputation and ensure all staff comply with laws, policies, regulations compliance rules and report problems immediately. NNHC acts with honesty, trustworthy and integrity. Being completely honest and fair when conducting NNHC Business to ensure the public trust and confidence.

Preserve confidentiality: Protecting NNHC patient’s information and company information from release of misuse.

Avoid conflicts: Do not let financial or other personal interests potentially comprise your judgment, treatment or objectivity.

Why should I follow the code? Your everyday actions and the actions of your coworkers influence what customers, communities, vendors, investors and regulators think about our company. As a team member you have a special responsibility to follow the code.

Violation of the Code: Performance counseling informal/ formal warning or a final notice depending on circumstance. Immediate termination of employment. It may also include legal prosecution if any laws are broken.

Areas of Risk:

  • Reputational ability to attain current clients and gain new clients.
  • Operational: loss of process/ people or systems or resulting from in adequate/ failed internal processes, people or system or resulting from external events/ failure to comply with appropriate ethical standards, laws or regulations, fraud, faulty product design or process, problems, with executions or delivery etc.


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