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Infusion Nurse

As a NNHC In-Home Infusion Nurse for Nurturing Nurses HomeCare, you will infuse medications on a regular basis in patient’s homes.  This includes IV placement, phlebotomy and medication administration via peripheral infusion device, PICC line, implantable port and/or Central Venous Catheters.

You will establish and maintain positive clinical rapport with all patients and their families while maintaining contact and monitoring the effectiveness of the medication treatment. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Assessing the patient’s pain and environment within their home setting
  • Developing a plan of care and educating the patients and their families on their treatment.
  • Establishing and maintaining all clinical documentation including Plans of Care/Treatment (POC/POT), clinical summaries, and medication changes. 
  • Establishing collaborative relationships.
  • Providing input regarding strategic direction and tactical solutions for your patients


You must be willing to work with most ages and diagnosis of patients in their homes who are receiving infusion therapy medication. We need someone who can communicate effectively, employ excellent project management skills and the ability to work both one-on-one and in group settings. Additional requirements include:

    • Graduate of an approved program
    • Maintain a current and good standing license within their residence and State Board of Nursing as a Registered Nurse
    • Achieve an 90% or higher in the appropriate Nursing and Medication competency tests, as well as the various competency tests appropriate to the type of cases he/she will supervise
    • A citizen of the USA, or have a valid alien work permit
    • Current CPR, BLS card if applicable
    • Minimum of 3 years’ experience and proficiency in infusion therapy. Infusion in home health setting is highly desirable.
    • Criminal Background Check
    • Drug Screening

Performance Responsibilities & Standards:

    • Administer and teach patient and family in self administration of Intravenous medications, such as TPN, PCA, Hydration Antibiotics, Immunoglobulin, and various others.
    • Perform IV site care and line maintenance.
    • Insert peripheral catheters, Mid/PICC Lines (certification and training provided and required), subcutaneous and other injection methods for infusions/medication administration, perform Venipuncture for labs.
    • Performs other nursing duties, i.e. assessing vital signs, monitoring for adverse effects of therapy, provide support and education to patient and family.
    • Communicates with DON, MD, Pharmacist or designee, patient/family to formulate goal directed care plans.
    • Quality assurance: validates competency, enforces policies and procedures, evaluates safety, and assess IV complications.
    • Evaluates nursing care of patient, care plans, effectiveness of intervention, discharge planning.
    • Provides Nursing documentation within 24 hours of nursing visit or assessments.
    • Maintain current Nursing licenses, CPR and other documents as per standards and regulations.
    • Provides optimum physical and emotional environment
    • Provides and maintains a safe environment for the patient
    • Participates in patient care conference, in-services, other programs and meetings as needed
    • Performs within the limits of preparation and experience and scope of practice
    • Preparing equipment and supplies for treatments that require adherence to sterile or aseptic techniques
    • Stays abreast of DME changes and continuing education, especially as it relates to things required for nursing licensure
    • Performs all nursing functions with the safety of the patient and his/herself at all times
    • Will participate in, and reinforce patient/caregiver education when applicable



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