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Concierge Services

178280535Recreational Therapy:

This a alternative and some may consider it also as a holistic approach to recovery and discovery.

Our Therapist has over 25 years experience with proven results from her specialty. To some this practice of medicine sounds new however, its not. It has been around since 1945.

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RT is Recreational Therapy. To make it simple… it’s a wonderful combination of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, however the treatment plans are more of a holistic approach. We mainly treat patients with the ADD/ ADHD and Post traumatic surgeries.


Grooming Services:

We know how difficult it is to get to a salon for a hair cut. Clients with some lost of independence and/ or difficult moving around for various reasons, we offer grooming services to come to you.

Our licensed stylist has over 15 years experience in salon setting and over 7 years of home bound client grooming experience.

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Grooming services consist of the basic salon offered services. A licensed stylist will come to your home and provide with salon quality services. [/reveal]




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